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  • Biker Girl

    Biker Girl

    Straight out of the worlds of Russ Meyer and Quentin Tarantino, Biker Girl Honey is a mad bad dangerous girl with a love for leather and whisky. Messing with her would be a DEADLY mistake.
    Music: Misirlou Twist

  • Lucifer


    Just another Dandy Gentleman about town with an eye for the ladies? Think again. A spectacular cross dressing act which yields to the wild and exotic. Devilishly delightful!
    Music: Sympathy for the Devil

  • Bali Hai

    Bali Hai

    Inspired by Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific, a coy and alluring Honey invites you to her island of sweet paradise. You’ll never want to return home!
    Music: Bali Hai

  • Mambo


    Holidaying in Mexico, uptight tourist Honey loosens up and dances a wild mambo possessed by a tequila demon. Inhibition gives way to sheer abandonment and passion.
    Music: Malambo No.1

  • Flash


    The world is threatened by evil forces – And it’s down to an All-American sports star to stop it! Camp and energetic number dedicated to the classic 80s film Flash Gordon.
    Music: Flash/Mixed Track

  • Jeannie

    Dreamy Jeannie

    Fed up with waiting for somebody to turn up and rub her lamp, a bored genie finds a divine way to set herself free. Exotic act with belly dance, veil fans and comedy.