"Honey is great fun - sexy, sassy and VERY entertaining. She's one of the most professional acts we book at the club and it's always a pleasure to have her"
Paul B. Edwards, Dolly's Barn Party

"The 'Bad Girl' of burlesque, Honey Schnapps is a lethal dose of deathly beauty. Ingeniously fusing cult references into her acts into a bloodthirsty sexual fantasy. Honey Schnapps has definitely left an impression on the burlesque scene"
Elysian Nights

"In her 'Bad Girl' act, the delectably dangerous Miss Honey Schnapps is the very definition of the phrase Femme Fatale, as seductive as she is deadly, as teasing as she is threatening, an anti-heroine to shimmy her way into your heart, just before she plunges a switchblade into it!"
Rose Thorne & Benjamin Louche, The Double R Club

"I first spotted Honey Schnapps during her training with Marianne Cheesecake and was instantly impressed with her professional acts as she had wonderfully mastered the element of 'tease' - an essential burlesque skill. I have since employed her at a number of my shows and cannot recommend her enough for her top performance skill, reliability and professionalism. A very good looking burly girl who is always a joy to have in a show"
Duchess Divine, Director of Labyrinth, BBW Killer Curves
and Zombie Sci-Fi Burlesque shows